A Successful SIPS Canadian Partnership – West Eco Panels

A Successful SIPS Canadian Partnership – West Eco Panels

With partners like West Eco Panels in British Columbia, Canada, there is no doubt why so many projects are turning to Structural Insulated Panels for their high performance building projects.

Each large panel is cut on our automated line and inspected individually to ensure accuracy and engineered roof and walls.

From residential homes through commercial structures, West Eco helps architects and others build truly efficient building envelopes to conserve energy and increase interior comfort. View their project gallery for a taste of the wide variety of high performance projects they help create.

The latest Home Owner Builder Project from West Eco comes from Kamloops BC, where a great husband and wife team who has kept energy efficiency in mind during their pre-construction planning. West Eco helped convert their home plans to SIP panels, and we manufactured and delivered the panels from our Super Plant in Washington State.

Large panels make installation a breeze, and the complete SIP frame was assembled by the home owners using 6” Wall panels with an effective R-24 rating and 10” Roof Panels with an effective R-40 rating. More than meeting the required energy codes, and creating a building shell ready for all of the finishes inside that will make this structure their home.

Structural insulated panels are perfect for large open spaces. Windows and doors are precut in the factory so a structure takes shape extremely fast.

Walls are complete and the roof is going on. Large pre-fabricated, pre-insulated panels make installation a breeze!