Energy-Efficient Modular Dwellings: Come See For Yourself How It’s Done (and affordable): Saturday, February 5th in Port Townsend WA

Energy-Efficient Modular Dwellings: Come See For Yourself How It’s Done (and affordable): Saturday, February 5th in Port Townsend WA


They are fabulous, they are small, they are highly eco-smart dwellings.  They design and build soloPODs, floatingPODs, medPODs, PODcommunities and more.  Who are THEY and what are these PODS?  They are GREENPOD Intelligent Environments, designing and building custom modular homes while emphasizing style, sustainability and health every step of the process.

GREENPOD FACTORY TOUR & OPEN HOUSE- THIS SATURDAY, FEB 5TH: Visit the GREENPOD factory in Port Townsend and see how the GREENPOD team builds these eco-smart dwellings, how they work and the energy-efficient value they provide.  There are two PODS on site for viewing and a great opportunity to meet the crew who will build your future POD.

  • DATE: February, 5th 2011

  • TIME: 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM

  • LOCATION: 33 Cape George Wye Port Townsend, WA 98368

Ann Rabb, Founder of GREENPOD

Ann Rabb, architect, environmentalist and founder of GREEDPOD, is featured in this week’s Peninusula Woman, Port Townsend resident has her eye on a green future.  A very cool story on how she got to where she is, the companies she has founded and the BIG impact she has made on green building.


GREENPODS are designed using movable walls (such as Premier SIP Walls), non toxic materials for healthy indoor air quality, recycled materials for love to the environment, dual-function furnishings and lighting & windows to visually enlarge the PODs living space….making compact seem roomy.

A GREENPOD Living Room


  • Energy efficient design to lower utility costs and reduce impact on the environment
  • Durable & Sustainable building materials for lower maintenance
  • Passive-solar design principles for lower heating costs
  • Low infiltration design
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Energy saving appliances
  • Low-flow plumbing for lower water efficiency, usage and costs
  • LED lighting
  • Extensive use of daylighting


  • Greywater recycling- composing 50–80% of residential wastewater generated from all of the GREENPOD’s sanitation equipment (except toilets).
  • Rain water storage for landscaping, gardening and irrigation
  • Green roofs to absorb rainwater and provide insulation
  • Diamond pin foundation placement so no need to dig holes or pour concrete, resulting in minimal disturbance of the site and land


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