Increase The Predicted Energy Efficiency of Homes and Commercial Buildings

Increase The Predicted Energy Efficiency of Homes and Commercial Buildings

By Jeff Beason, Premier SIPs SouthWest Regional Sales Manager, LEED GA

Increase the predicted energy efficiency of homes and commercial buildings by 30% over ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004.  (ICC) approved the changes in October 2010…the largest single-step efficiency increase in the history of the national, model energy code. Available for jurisdictions to adopt in April 2011, when the 2012 IECC is published.

New requirements:

  • Addition of a continuous air barrier
  • HVAC economizers in more climate zones
  • Lighting control systems that respond to daylight and occupancy needs
  • Basic commissioning for building systems to ensure they are running at peak efficiency

Residential requirements:

  • Increased window performance
  • Increased insulation requirements
  • Better duct-sealing measures
  • Greater lighting efficiency
  • The fact that builders will now have to prove air tightness achievement with a blower-door test was particularly controversial.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs):  A SIP building envelope has an extremely high whole wall R-Value and low levels of air infiltration, reducing the overall loads for heating or air conditioning equipment in the home. According to Oakridge National Lab, our 6” SIP is 58% more energy-efficient than normal 2×6 framing with R-19 insulation and 15 times tighter.

Premier SIPs can help you move towards the path to net zero energy building.  And from a performance standpoint…for more than 30 years SIPs have the proven performance over stick framing. As the nation’s largest and one of the oldest manufacturers we have the track record and experience to manufacture you a superior product, backed by the largest parent company in the industry (Carlisle Construction Materials).

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