It’s Your Green…Start Off Right

It’s Your Green…Start Off Right

Written by:  John Vanderhoof, LEED GA

More than anything else, people with experience in green development emphasize that careful and imaginative design are indispensable, but a project isn’t truly green unless the designs and specifications are carefully and expertly applied on the site, throughout the entire construction process.

An integrative design and development process takes into consideration viewpoints and technical expertise from everyone involved in a project – from schematic design to occupancy and beyond. Having an integrative design process can lead to optimal outcomes related to achieving a project’s green goals and integrating green building systems.

Deciding to build green can mean you have to change relationships and make tough choices. Really good people who served you well in the past may simply not be right any more. People who were great on a conventional building may be an impediment now.

The root of all the problems that arise during design and construction could point to… not starting with the right team. A project is going to win or lose depending, number one, on the people you assemble at the beginning. You can have maybe a couple of professionals on the team who are ‘learning green’ on the job. But you can’t do that with most of them. Above all, you’ve got to have an architect or designer with strong green credentials, and engineers who are familiar with the features and systems you’re using, and committed to getting them right.

Finding contractors and professionals who know or can master the relevant technology, who can train and supervise less-experienced employees in implementing it, and who recognize the value of testing the soundness of their work as they go along is the critical challenge in this phase of work. These key professionals will not only help keep your project on schedule but will be critical in keeping the project not only within budget but also within the desired design.

With the right team, the question is not whether to build Green, but why would you build any other way?

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