Learning Center

Premier SIPS welcomes you to our online training center! Five quick steps will have you up to speed and ready to frame your structures with SIPS.

Step 1:

Get the basics. View our SIPS Basics page, our SIPS vs. Sticks page and then read our Premier SIPS Advantage Brochure.  After, you’ll be able to grasp a full outline of SIPS basics, the science behind the energy efficiency in SIPS, energy efficiency documentation, environmental points (LEED, etc.) and the benefits of using SIPS for Contractors, Architects & Building Owners.

– OR –

If you’re a design professional or a contractor in need of continuing education credits (or really want to learn more fast!), take our online accredited course 24/7 (anytime) for 1 credit hour.  Take the course now.

Step 2:

View the DIY Network’s FRAMING episode to discover what the best materials are for framing your building project. The Deconstruction show gives its perspective on “Is it better to frame with two by fours or prefabricated SIPS?” Featuring Premier SIPS, this 20 minute episode shows how our SIPS are made and then put through some impressive stress tests to demonstrate just how strong Premier SIPS really are.

Step 3:

You’ve grasped the basics, now sign up for access to our detailed SIPS advanced learning modules. These training courses are complimentary and specifically curated for you to be ready to design and build with Premier SIPS. Sign up here.

Step 4:

Browse through all of our SIPS overview & installation videos, for basics, installation tips and testimonials from the last 30 + years that Premier has been involved in manufacturing and distributing SIPS.

Step 5:

Check out our detailed installation tips & tricks, with information grouped by project element to help you grasp our  recommendations for best practices when installing SIPS.

Ready to design and build with SIPS?

Our Design Resources offer professionals details, specifications, BIM Objects, design manuals, technical bulletins and more to design with PremierSIPs.

Our Construction & Installation Resources provide builders and installers with the techniques, best practices and requirements for successfully installing a SIP framed structure.

Still want more information? Contact the Premier SIPS Representative in your area for you to see SIPS in action at a local jobsite, or for a specific consultation on your upcoming commercial or residential SIPS projects.