Marketing Matters: It’s all about a true sales cycle…

Marketing Matters: It’s all about a true sales cycle…

Written By:  Becky Laybourn, Marketing Manager

It’s rare these days when clients and prospects get a glimpse of a true customer relationship. From intro, through education, to a purchase, to follow-up and then bringing it full circle for a re-intro, consumers rarely experience these stages that help develop lasting relationships.

Crazy, because with technology and a small budget these customer relationships can be built, loyalty increased and ultimately sales volumes grow. In the case of Premier SIPs, where we are promoting and selling an energy efficient product that benefits the future of our planet, we want to see sales and loyalties grow so the building environments we are a part of creating are helping to better the world around us!

When we develop marketing resources and programs for our SIPS we want to provide the resources so our customers experience a true relationship with us. We don’t want to rush them through the door, get the cash and move on.  We truly believe in the products we manufacture and want to build relationships with our customers.  Building these honest relationships with our clients, allows us to promote the Architects and Builders who also believe in our products so they can grow. It allows us to endorse the successes we all experience, and the energy efficiency our residential and commercial building products are able to achieve when SIPS are used for the building’s framing.

While we encourage our Reps to service every customer as regularly and thoroughly as possible, we are all only human. We forget and need reminders (can we say thank you to the inventor of the “sticky note”?) and to help us all remember, we have looked to technology and implemented ways to track and manage the sales & marketing process so we can stay ahead of the curve with our customer needs (CRM Tools like The goal in these systems is to enable our employees to serve our customers better, to act as a valuable consultant to them on their building projects, and to build relationships not act merely as order takers. After all, our products are built with and buildings are designed with integrity, we love implementing this integrity in everything we do.

Cheers to building relationships and marketing with honesty,


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