Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in New Mexico

Design Flexibility, Comfort & More: SIPs in New Mexico

Building and designing with SIPs couldn’t be more perfect in New Mexico:

  • SIPs provide design flexibility to help meet the unique trends of the southwest. From thicker walls mimicking adobe to high wall and ceiling designs, SIPs can be manufactured in sections up to 8’ x 24’ for those more creative applications.
  • Thanks to a SIP structure’s virtually air-tight envelope and the entirely insulated wall and roof cavities, it delivers occupant comfort and energy efficient buildings using sustainable materials. Temperatures in New Mexico fluctuate from the bottom to the top of the thermometer throughout the year, and SIPs help maintain a consistent indoor temperature year-round.
  • SIPs’ quality building envelope also provides excellent indoor air quality (IAQ), creating healthier working and living environments. Near air-tightness also reduces HVAC sizing and dramatically improves occupant comfort by providing steady room temperatures, regardless of the number of floors.

Consistent, strong, and easy to install, Premier SIPs consist of:

  • An insulating, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core
  • Two sheets of oriented strand board (OSB), laminated to either side of the EPS
  • A structural adhesive

PremierSIPs provide an extremely strong, insulated wall, roof and floor panel system that need little to no additional frame or skeleton for support. If you aren’t designing or building with SIPs already, it’s time to consider an upgrade.