News Release – FSC Chain of Custody

Premier SIPS Receives FSC Chain of Custody Certification Sustainably grown and harvested OSB option now available

Tacoma, Wash., March 2, 2012 – Premier SIPS by Insulfoam has received FSC Chain of Custody certification for the oriented strand board (OSB) it uses in its structural insulated panels (SIPs). FSC® certified forest products are verified from the forest of origin through the supply chain (FSC-C109396). The FSC label ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.

“Using FSC certified wood products provides building professionals who use SIPs with an additional way to earn points under leading green building rating systems,” said James Hodgson, general manager for Premier SIPS. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this option to our customers looking for sustainably grown and harvested forest products.”

Premier SIPs are an advanced building alternative to stick-built framing and other construction methods for commercial and public buildings, multi-family housing, and single-family homes. The large-size panels are made of a high-thermal insulating foam core and OSB sheathing for superior strength and insulation values. Energy-efficient SIP construction can help reduce a building’s heating and cooling energy consumption by up to 60 percent.

Beyond the energy cost savings to building owners, constructing with SIPs provides broader, long-term environmental benefits. For example, the estimated average energy savings over 50 years for a SIP home in the U.S. is 9.9 times greater than the energy needed to produce and deliver the SIPs compared to traditional stick framing, according to research commissioned by the EPS Molders Association. Building with SIPs can also reduce jobsite waste by up to two-thirds by reducing the amount of structural framing scrap generated during construction.

For project teams pursuing a green building rating, SIPs can play an important role. Under the LEED® for New Construction and Major Renovations green building rating program, SIPs can contribute up to 39 total points. Using this one building method can get a project most of the way toward certification, since a minimum of 40 total points are needed in the LEED program.

About Premier SIPs by Insulfoam

Premier SIPS by Insulfoam leads the construction industry in the research, development and manufacturing of high-performance, energy-efficient structural insulated panels (SIPs) and related materials. One of North America’s largest SIP manufacturers, the company is a leader in working with design professionals, contractors and code officials on innovative SIP applications. For more information about Premier SIPS, call (800) 275-7086 or visit