Oregon Museum to Showcase Alternative Energy

Oregon Museum to Showcase Alternative Energy

Ever wonder where a french fry comes from?  How does it go from a ground grown potatoe and end up on your plate curly, straight or waffle like? As early as March 2013, you will be able to have an inside look at this and many other agricultural farming practices  of Eastern Oregon.

SAGE Center Construction, Premier SIP Installation

The new and under construction Sustainable Agricultural and Energy, SAGE, Center will provide a glimpse into the  technologies, processes and products that drive economy in rural Morrow County.  Located in Boardman, OR, this interactive visitors center will highlight the technology used in food processing, farming and science is behind alternative energy production.

SAGE Center Construction, Round Roof Panel Installation

The new 23,000 square feet center chose Premier Structural Insulated Panels, SIPs,for it’s roof and walls.  Using SIPs as the building envelope gave the designing architect flexibility given our routers can cut panels and openings in panels into any shape possible.  Panels are delivered to the jobsite pre-cut per the architect drawings, allowing jobsite installers to cut days off of installation when they would otherwise be creating arched openings, windows and more.   With strength, ultimate code reports, and energy efficient features, SIPs help provide a tight building envelope that will feature a 13,000 square foot, two level exhibit space, 1,500 square feet catering kitchen, gift shop, 200- seat theater, office and support space and other displays while showing the economics of the county in a broad range, from it’s farms and dairies to the food-processing facilities and tourist opportunities facilities and tourist opportunities.

SAGE Center Construction, Premier SIP Installation

All interactive exhibits are designed and created by Formation, Inc., a Portland based exhibit designer.  Formations has worked hard to fully integrate the story of the local area and the Port of Morrow by featuring the technologies used by the area’s related industries and will cover seven themes:

  • Processing:  A large interactive sculpture that will represent a processing plant that will give you sounds, smells and motion.
  • A River Through Time:  Boardman area history and the story of human settlement in the region and the Columbia River’s influence.
  • The Big Picture:  A simulated Hot Air Balloon Ride giving visitors a aerial tour focusing on the regional resources.
  • Agriculture Today:  Display on how farming technology and techniques have evolve and the multigenerational Morrow County farm families that have.
  • Behind the Scenes in Boardman:  discover how workers in Port of Morrow plants and mills process crops, along with stories of port industries and stories about the jobs in the processing industry.
  • Sustainable Solutions:  Interactive exhibits that explore the science and technology behind the region’s sustainable resources and energy projects.
  • From the Port of Morrow to the World:  interactive exhibits that explores transportation options available through the Port of Morrow including an interactive computer program that will challenge you to operate cranes to load contains or navigate a barge up or down the river.
In addition to serving as an interactive visitor center, the SAGE center will serve as an event center for fundraisers, wine maker dinners, civic and social gaterings as well as school related functions.


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