PROJECT PROFILE: Affordable Senior Housing in Arizona

PROJECT PROFILE: Affordable Senior Housing in Arizona

Given multiple development issues including clearing asbestos from the building on site to zoning and design changes, time was saved by using SIPS instead of standard wood framing.  Staying on deadline was critical to this project.

Lofts at McKinley project profile (pdf)


Lofts at McKinley

Urban infill redevelopment project serving a mixed community.  By removing a vacant office building and replacing it with a three-story apartment community for seniors and t he disabled, builder Tofel Construction is helping transform the neighborhood and provide fully accessible rental housing for low and moderate income working seniors.  Lofts at McKinley was the first senior housing project in Arizona to seek LEED Platinum certification and the first new construction project ever permitted under Phoenix’s newly adopted Downtown Urban Form Code.  Sustainable features include:  roof-top solar, dual flush toilets, SIP walls and reflective roofing for an efficient building envelope, smart water usage, low water usage plantings, low VOC materials, and ENERGY STAR appliances.

Lofts at McKinley was built on the site of a vacant 2-story office building which had become obsolete.  The site of this project was within the boundaries of both the Roosevelt Historic District and an “Area of Potential Effect” for archaeologically significant assists.  Designations for this project required compliance with 26 preservation stipulations as well as consulting with local Native American tribes.

Lofts at McKinley

Lofts at McKinley

Asbestos and zoning changes caused design rework.  Due to these development hurdles, construction time saved by using Premier SIPS was critical to staying on deadline.  SIPS provided large, pre-cut structural panels that allow the building envelope to be erected faster enabling the project to catch up on it project deadlines.

The Premier SIPS Solution:

ECONOMICAL TO OPERATE:   Tight building envelope reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 60%, offering significant savings on operating costs as well as greatly reduced mechanical equipment needs.

FAST INSTALLATION:  Large, pre-cut structural panels allow the building envelope to be erected 50% faster enabling businesses to open sooner.

HEALTHY:  Superior indoor air quality with reduced infiltration of outside pollutants, which can benefit those with respiratory ailments.

COMFORTABLE:  Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, ideal controlled indoor environments for building tenants.

EASY TO OPERATE: Tight building envelop9e reduces HVAC mechanical equipment sizes and related heating and cooling over the life of each building.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE:  SIPS produce 30% less job-site waste than traditional construction.

LEED POINTS:  Up to 39 valuable environmental design credits can be awarded for use of Premier SIPS in commercial, new construction or major renovation.


Project Team & Details:

  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ
  • Architect:  Gorman & Co.
  • General Contractor:  Tofel Construction
  • SIPS Used:  SIP Walls
  • Project Size:  Three-story, 60 units, one & two-bedrooms

Lofts at McKinley project profile (pdf)

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