Rebuilding Colorado. Better. Smarter.

Rebuilding Colorado. Better. Smarter.

Last month’s Colorado floods are leading to massive rebuilding efforts (destruction to 1,918 square miles of the state and $2 billion in property damage), this is the opportunity to redo things different.  With the daunting and hugely expensive task of rebuilding, lets take this chance to design and rebuild homes/buildings BETTER and SMARTER than they were before.

Park City, Utah LEED Platinum Home, Built with SIPS

Park City, Utah LEED Platinum Home, Built with SIPS

When rebuilding there are so many factors to think about:  updated energy codes, labor shortages, and energy efficiency concerns.  What alternative building methods have you tired to design and build with outside of traditional stick building?  Have you tried designing or building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)?  You can design/build with this one advanced framing product while meeting all the updated energy codes and build fast.  SIPS alone can help your designs comply with most of the newly adopted energy codes including the continuous insulation requirements as well as contribute up to 35 points for LEED certification.

Colorado has already started working to move its energy efficiency and Zero Net Energy (ZNE) housing marketing forward.  The Colorado Energy Saving Mortgage program, which administers financing for people purchasing energy-effiecient homes or home improvements to increase energy efficiency, as signed into law on May 28th.  Read more on how SIPS can help you reach zero net energy housing.

Cultural Center & Museum, Colorado, built with SIPS

Cultural Center & Museum, Colorado, Built with SIPS

By choosing SIPS, architects reap many benefits:

  • Incredible green features
  • Strength in design
  • Ultimate code reports
  • Straighter walls
  • Better design
  • Fire & insect resistance
  • read more

By choosing SIPS, builders reap many benefits:

  • Speed of construction
  • Reduce time spent on site
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve quality of buildings
  • Energy efficient structure + less energy costs for end user = a HAPPY customer
  • read more

For more than 30 years Premier SIPS have been used in residential and light commercial construction, offering proven code acceptance and energy efficient performance, to get your projects inline with today’s demanding energy code requirements. Stay ahead of the curve.


Common Questions About Selling SIPS:  although SIPS provide multiple efficiencies for building construction and operations, many builders still often rely on the traditional building methods they are most familiar with. Read more for answers to common questions dealers and builders have about SIPS.

Labor Shortage? No Worries.  No Skilled Labor Requirements with SIPS:   labor shortage isn’t an issue with SIPS.  Special framing skill sna training aren’t required, because SIPS come pre-cut with window and door openings for your floor plans.  Learn why this is critical for builders today.


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