School designers looking at SIPs

School designers looking at SIPs

Originally Posted on Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) Blog, May 9th

With tighter construction budgets and a rising demand for energy efficiency, school districts are looking at new ways to reduce energy use without adding to the cost of building new schools.  According to a recent article in School Planning & Management by James Hodgson of Premier SIPs, school districts in the U.S. typically spend more on energy than they do on computers and textbooks combined.

Hodgson cites a number of schools across the nation that have chosen SIP construction as part of aggressive energy efficiency or sustainability goals, including the Finn Hill school in Kirkland, Washington and the Jacob E. Manch school in Las Vegas, Nevada.  And in most cases, using SIPs also allowed the buildings to be constructed faster, with time savings up to 60 percent.

A second article by Hodgson that appeared in American School & Hospital Facility addresses the advantages of SIP construction for schools and medical facilities, both of which have high operating costs and can greatly benefit from a energy-efficient building envelope.  Hodgson makes the point that airtight SIP construction also creates better indoor air quality for building occupants, including patients and young children.

Read the full article at School Planning & Management.

Read the full article at American School & Hospital Facility.


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