SIPS Project Featured in Dwell Magazine

SIPS Project Featured in Dwell Magazine

It is exciting to be part of the recently completed LEED for Homes Platinum Project, 3 Palms, which is featured in the July/August issue of Dwell Magazine.  Built for Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston, the 3 palms Project documents the designing, engineering and building of his net zero energy home on the beach in California.   The 3 Palms Project will be featured during this weekend’s Dwell on Design 2013 in Los Angeles (June 21-23).

Read Dwell Magazine’s At Home With Bryan Cranston:  The star of Breaking Bad opens the doors to his family’s recently completed beach house located just outside of Los Angeles.

The 2,450 sq. ft., three bedroom, three bath home is 56% more energy efficient than California Energy Code Standards due to its passive solar design and high-performance shell which includes Premier SIPS wall panels provided by US SIPS.  This was achieved with the following sustainable design features:

  • passive solar design
  • high performance, non-energy leaking exterior shell includes:  Premier SIPS wall panels, energy efficient doors/windows, Icynene roof insulation
  • natural ventilation
  • energy efficient appliances
  • LED lighting
  • photovoltaic system
  • solar hydronic system
  • radiant space systems

What are the advantages of using SIPS?

  • Replaces the block or stick-framing in the building envelope
  • Hybrid system that works with standard building methods
  • SIPS are pre-manufactured and delivered direct to site
  • Greatly reduces building envelope labor and timeframe
  • Superior insulation and structural component combined
  • Nearly 3x the strength of standard building methods
  • Sealed structure, low volume air changes
  • Much easier control over IAQ
  • 60% greater insulation than fiberglass
  • No venting- SIPS are a solid, enclosed panel
  • Coupled with renewable energy systems, SIPS offer the ultimate NET ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS

Dwell on Design 2013 runs this Friday through Sunday (June 21-23) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S. Figueroa St. in downtown Los Angeles. A panel at 3 p.m. Sunday will feature the project team including the client — Bryan Cranston, the project designer — John Turturro, Turturro Design Studio and Allen Associates President Bryan Henson.

Dwell on Design before is known as America’s largest modern design event, attracting more than 30,000 attendees and showcasing new design ideas, products and services along with world-class design speakers, exhibitions and home tours.



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