SIPs Seminar & New Facility Tour, Northern California!

SIPs Seminar & New Facility Tour, Northern California!

Are you a California architect, engineer, builder, code official or design professional interested in learning more about SIPs first hand?

Join one of the SIPs industry’s foremost engineers to learn how to design and frame your project with Structural Insulated Panels…

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The basic components of SIPs for framing projects
  • How SIPs structures help achieve high level energy efficiency certifications (LEED, EnergyStar, ect)
  • Fire protection solutions
  • Vapor barrier options
  • Advanced design strategies for regular SIPs users
  • Walk away with an understanding of how SIPs outperform stick-frame construction, and how to design with SIPs in upcoming projects.

Want to see California Projects?  Check out our California Photo Gallery, we have them categorized as Northern California and Southern California.


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