SIPS TIPS: Do you face the challenges of meeting your construction schedules?

SIPS TIPS: Do you face the challenges of meeting your construction schedules?

Need a building product to help keep your construction on schedule?  Premier SIPS helped this Tribal college’s tight construction schedule beat the challenges of the harsh Montana winter, this four-story Vegas apartment complex dry in under 80 days, and this Vegas elementary school reduce a typical framing schedule (118-220 days) to 45 days (that’s nearly 80% time savings)!

Five ways SIPS framed buildings help you stay on schedule:

  1. Prefabricated panels go together with an easy number guide.  Windows and doors are already cut out.  Think of it like a paint by number puzzle for a framing crew.
  2. Insulation is already incorporate
  3. Engineered panels are flat every time, so drywall, door and window installers complete their work faster with a better final finish
  4. Continuous attachment of the surface provided by the OSB means no searching for studs, so interior finishes including cabinetry, molding, flooring is installed faster without needing to shim for bowed walls
  5. Factory precision, means our computerized equipment manufactures your panels with virtually perfect tolerances, so a building is manufactured very tight with small gaps in panel seams, this reduces the size of your heating and air conditioning requirements by up to 40% offering immediate time and money savings.
Take a look at how are SIPS perform and the difference they make!  Visit our website for more information, technical bulletins and photo galleries.  


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