Standards for Structural Insulated Panels….is it time?

Standards for Structural Insulated Panels….is it time?

It’s hard to believe that SIPs have been around since the 1930’s and yet they are not readily used in Type V construction.  That may be changing.

An ASTM Wood Committee is slated to develop standards for Structural Insulated Panels.  A new Task Group, D07.02.08, on structural insulated panels has ben formed.  The task group is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D07.02 on Lumber and Engineered Wood Products, part of ASTM International Committee D07 on Wood.  Eric Tompos, P.E., from NTA, will chair the newly formed subcommittee.

“The significance of this task group is to standardize the process for deriving design properties for structural insulated panels so that the reliability and safety of SIPs is comparable to other engineered wood systems used in wood frame construction,” says B.J. Yeh, P.E., director, Technical Services Division, APA – The Engineered Wood Association.

Yeh, who is chairman of D07.02, notes that the initial standard and other potential standards to be developed by D07.02.08, as chaired by Eric Tompos, P.E., NTA, will be used by SIP manufacturers, product certification agencies, regulatory bodies and government agencies.

ASTM International welcomes participation in the development of its standards.  For more information on becoming an ASTM member, visit

An ANSI standard is also in the process of being finalized for the use of SIPs as structural wall components.  The ANSI standard is being developed to complement section R614 of the IRC.

Maybe the time for SIPs making it in to mainstream construction is finally here.  One can only hope.



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