Sustainable Buildings. Reduced Risk.

Sustainable Buildings. Reduced Risk.

insuranceAt first, the connection between the insurance industry and the promotion of green building may not be obvious.  But as the climate is changing and ‘SUPER STORMS’ are becoming the norm…the insurance industry sees a connection between green practices and REDUCED RISK.  Environmental Leader’s article, Green Building Takes the Wind out of Strong Storms, does a great job explaining why the insurance industry is warming up to sustainable building practices and has jumped on the green movement.

One specific statement hit home for me and another reason why a tight building envelope is more important than ever with the changing and unpredictable climate.

“Another win for green buildings is that they are designed for energy efficiency, which means they are generally better sealed and less drafty.  This is mainly to promote better insulation; however, it also works to reduce storm damage.  Small cracks in buildings are weak point that allow wind and water to infiltrate much easier.  These openings can actually worsen wind and water damage from hurricanes and tornados.”

Read full article:  Green Building Takes the Wind out of Strong Storms


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