The Advantages of High-Performance Building Envelopes

The Advantages of High-Performance Building Envelopes

Originally posted on Green Lodging News

attachment-15.ashxAs energy costs continue to rise and building codes become more rigorous, lodging facility professionals are searching for higher-performing building envelope assemblies.  One such system, structural insulated panels (SIPS), helps reduce energy consumption up to 60 percent compared to other structural systems.  while providing a host of other construction and operations benefits.

A SIPS Primer

SIPs are a prefabricated, engineered building system typically used for walls and roofs.  They are composed of structural-grade wood panels such as oriented strand board (OSB) laminated to both sides of a rigid insulating foam core like expanded polystyrene (EPS).  The system provides both structural strength and thermal insulation.

Architects can incorporate SIPS into virtually any building design up to four stories tall, from modern to rustic, making them well suited for lodges, motels and other lodging facilities in both urban and rural settings.  Building professionals have successfully used SIPs in all types of climates, from the high deserts of New Mexico to above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

Read more on how SIPS provide:

  • an energy efficiency building envelope
  • faster, more streamlined construction and their ability to shave weeks or months off of construction schedules
  • specific benefits for lodging benefits
  • cost factors