The SIMPLE Kind of PreFab- the PopUP House

The SIMPLE Kind of PreFab- the PopUP House
PopUP House, Desert Springs, CA

PopUP House, Desert Springs, CA

Couple years ago House Port released a SIMPLE and new sustainable alternative to traditional manufactured homes called the PopUP House.  The concept resulting from the work of New York-based artist, Hally Thacher, has taken off.  Now with numerous configurations to choose from, the PopUP House is an excellent option for sustainable living in style.

Designed to be a cost-effective and eco-friendly living structure, the PopUP House pre-fabricated kit is composed of one or more highly customizable cubes and a large free-standing roof  that come to the building site ready to be built.  Each cube is built with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) and provides ample living space, bedroom area, kitchen and utility space.  The SIPs, provided by US SIPS, are used to provide an airtight envelope with high insulation providing energy efficiency to the home, reducing heating and cooling costs.

PopUP House,

PopUP House, Desert Hot Springs, CA.

Unlike other pre-fabricated houses, the PopUP House is customizable allowing home owners to add their own style and personal touch to it – they can pick what type of doors to install, the layout, furniture, carpeting, etc.

The most recent PopUP House was completed in Desert Hot Springs, CA and embodies the following green features:

  • Net Zero Living Experience
  • Property located on a well, owner is virtually free of utility bills
  • Electric gates run off of solar panels
  • Solar package is in place so all electric in the house in solar, along with pool
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Low impact presence by mimicking the landscape of each Port location:  siding, colors of the roof, choice of native plants and boulders
  • Eco smart heating/cooling:  evaporative coolers & eheaters ($10,000 was save by using evap coolers)
  • All EnergyStar appliances
  • Double paned sliders
PopUP House

PopUP House, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Get a visual tour of the Pop-Up House in the eight-part web series, following Hally Thacher’s five-week adventure in developing the first Pop-Up House in Northern California. She created a beautiful home in the desert for a budget of $250,000 from start to finish.

Project provided by Premier SIPs Distributor:  US SIPS, manufacturing representatives for sustainable building materials.


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