The Year of the Tiny House

The Year of the Tiny House

Artisan Tiny House Newsletter, April Update

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Artisan Tiny House

After spending over thirty years trying to get folks to build smaller, more energy-efficient homes… I almost stumbled over the Tiny House Movement two years ago.  Up to that point the smallest I could get my clients to build was about 1200 SF, so imagine my surprise when I was asked to design an 8 ft. x 20 ft home – on a trailer, no less.  Those of you who know me better might remember my first Tiny House on Wheels was a 1949 Dodge 3/4 ton truck with a gable-roofed cabin on the back.  From there I lived in a string of tiny dwellings, including a 16 ft. x 20 ft. cabin on the east side of Hood River Valley, several 600 to 800 sq. ft. cottages, and a 177 sq ft ADU in Portland.

Several factors seem to me to be at play in the current move back to simplicity and smaller living spaces:

  1. The current economic picture is still not all that bright for much of the population.
  2. There is a cyclical disenchantment with all the STUFF we have and the lack of joy that it brings.
  3. There is an innate desire in many people to build their own PLACE.  While $300,000 is out of range for many a would-be builder, they can see doing this size of a project.

With the popularity of the hit show “Tiny House Nation” the media is abuzz with stories of folks who have said:  “Enough!  I want to experience more than I want Things, and I’m going to do This.”  Our goal at Artisan TH is to facilitate that dream and desire by offering affordable plans and SIP kits to expedite the ‘heavy and hard’ part of building anything (i.e. getting to the closed-in stage).

Patrick Sughrue, Artisan Tiny House


Artisan Tiny House can turn your VISION to REALITY.  Artisan Tiny Houses design and deliver affordable kits using Premier SIPs for quick and easy construction of your Tiny House.  Artisan Tiny Houses have combined the very best of Structural Insulated Panels into a step by step approach that creates a very energy efficient building envelope that is easy, fast and affordable to construct.  Plans and Panel Kits available:


More Artisan Tiny House photos with SIPs application


  • Architectural digital PDF file
  • SIP Shop assembly digital PDF file

SIP Panels:

  • Floor – 4″ Structural Insulated Panels R-16
  • Wall – 4″ Structural Insulated Panels R-16
  • Roof – 4″ Structural Insulated Panels R-16
  • Structural beams, posts
  • All door and openings cut and lumber installed
  • Lumber (#2 and better), as needed, for assembly


  • Underlayment
  • Bolts to attach to the trailer
  • SIP Screws and plate fasteners
  • Foam and foam gun, mastic and mastic gun
  • House wrap and tapes


  • Trailer or site built foundation
  • Interior stair framing, wall finishes, paint, stain, etc.
  • Plumbing systems and fixtures, electrical systems and fixtures
  • Cabinets and counters, floor finishes, interior doors and trim
  • Labor to erect on-site

Optional (at additional cost):

  • Thicker SIPs for increased R-values or higher loads
  • Trailers custom designed for our Tiny House packages
  • On-site training for owner builder assembly party


Patrick Sughrue has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry.  With a personal history of energy conservation and renewable energy projects dating back to the 1970’s, Patrick launched Artisan Tiny House in 2014 to assist clients in more easily realizing their dream of living in a Tiny House.

Patrick Sughrue

Artisan Tiny House

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