Unique Applications Built of Structural Insulated Panels

Unique Applications Built of Structural Insulated Panels

As SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) have become the go to framing solution in energy conscious states (like Washington, Oregon & California) contractors, engineers and designers have gotten creative and taken the advantages of SIPS to a whole new level.

Walls and Ceilings Magazine joins in on the creativity to profile some unique projects that looked to SIPS, and ended up exceeding expectations. Labor was reduced (fast install time with large lightweight panels) and flexibility was impressive (factory manufactured panels rely on precise equipment to produce pa

nels, so even in the most demanding applications the measurements are spot on).

Click through to the full article at Walls & Ceilings Magazine to get the details of how SIPS are key in:

  • A zero net energy cabin
  • A floating home
  • Supplemental rooms designed for backyards

Read the full article: Walls & Ceilings Magazine: Unusual Applications of Structural Insulated Panels

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